If a man fells a tree, and noone sees it...
If you now think "Whoa? Lumber jack song? Are they nuts?"-  Let me explain! We started as a two-man-show with the goal of designing a BDU and a boonie, now we have 15 partners all across europe who sell over 1000(!) products designed and made by us.

Our customers are treckers, outdoor&bushcraft enthusiasts, airsofters and soldiers across europe. We shipped to german soldiers and  APO (Army Postal Office) Adresses in Ft Bragg as well as to soldiers of the ANZAC. We shipped Smocks to NS SAS troopers, supplied Royal marine Commando Snipers with base gear for ghillies, shipped AusCam gear to australia and DPM gear to the UK and did custom works for many servicemembers. And we are damn proud of the trust all these men and women invested in us and our series!

We are very happy about any feedback you give us, and we would be very proud, if you send us an image to show our gear in use!

Stirling Airsoft - UK

An image says more than a thousand words, but to describe Stirling Airsoft (who we support) you need a whole movie!

Tracks in the desert...
...have been made by these two customers. Their job was / is static security in Iraq. We wish them godspeed and a safe return to their loved ones!

To be continued..
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