The big question for the meaning of life and all thing may be answered with a short "42". But whats behind our project, what drives us through the day? A rather flat joke would be "Basical much work, coffee and overwork!..." but that dont even scratch the surface!.

How it began...

It began with dissatisfaction. Together with a good friend I searched for tactical gear, satisfying our needs and specs.  Our problem: We had the ideas, we had the fabric, but we had no possibillity to make the gear.

So all was put to rest, until I met Mr Digeser from Begadi, who wanted to add some high-quality gear to his lineup. He had the ressources, I had the know-how - BE-X was born! We started with 2 suits and Boonies, and now we have 1000+ items, which are sold by us and our trusted partners in 15 countries world wide!

Whats the big secret?
Our goal was, from the beginning, gear made by users, for users! We only manufacture in small series, to enable us to react to feedback quickly!
Our main goal is satisfaction!!
  • We want you, the customer, be satisfied with both products and service! 
  • We want to be satisfied with the outcome and feedback of our work!
  • We want our partners and suppliers to be satisfied!
How do we work?
Each item starts with an idea! It can be a request by a customer, a need aroused during combat-training or just an simple idea out of nowhere. Now the work begins, there will be concept tests, sampling, field testing, quality testing, etc. Month could go by, until an idea becomes a full-fledged product!
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